About Us

Wander Disc Golf is an active outdoors apparel company offering a variety of apparel based on artistic interpretations of real world disc golf landscapes. The idea for the brand is bred from the passion for the sport of disc golf, the breathtaking scenery in which it encompasses, and the love of traveling the world.

Our mission is to make excellent, well designed durable products, based on disc golf scenery that transcend the game and help grow the interest in the sport to the mainstream population.

“Not all those who wander are lost” could not be any truer for the disc golf community. Disc golf will take you across your state, country, continent, and even the world if you let it. The best part is there will always be someone there with open arms willing to show you around. We are here to experience and share all of what disc golf has to offer. We hope you join us, follow our journey, and share your stories with us as well. #Beawanderer #Getlosttofindyourself

A major goal of ours is to give back a portion of our proceeds to disc golf and mental health organizations. Life is filled with the everyday struggle to find out who, what, and why you are. Sometimes we feel like we get lost in life and struggle to find meaning. We believe disc golf is not only the best sport in the world, but also a tool that can be used to improve our mental health and overall health. For our owner, disc golf has helped balance everything in his life during his most difficult times. For that reason we wish to give back to the great disc golf communities around the world and we plan to implement disc golf activities at local mental health organizations.